Going Out in Singapore


I was only in Singapore for two days but I will remember my time there forever. The city is clean, new and sparkly. I felt like I had entered a world where life just worked when I got to Singapore. Although I saw many cool attractions while I was there, one thing stood out, the NIGHTLIFE. If any place knows how to create a classy yet ridiculously fun bar and club scene it’s Singapore. Plus the best place to try out the iconic Singapore Sling should be in it’s birthplace right? Right.


There is an area called Clarke Quay that is full of shopping and drinking. This area is fun to explore in the daytime but really comes alive at night. There are lights and so many bars both indoor and out. Inside there are tall cylinders all lit up that help hold up the structure. I was told that the Architect designed them to resemble penises as a way to subtly let the world know he was gay but that could just be a rumor. Either way I couldn’t help picturing them as giant penises while walking around this magical area.

A fun bar to try out is called The Pump Room. It is located in the iconic area of Clarke Quay and plays live music and have in house brewed beer. Another place close by that also has live music is The Crazy Elephant. I found Pump to be classier but both have a nice vibe and drinks that are not TOO expensive (for Singapore prices haha).

To be honest I don’t remember the names of all the bars we ventured into in Clarke Quay, there are so many places that by just wandering around you can find anything your heart desires.


There is a famous club called Attica in Clarke Quay that many people have raved about but when it comes to the BEST club in Singapore, I would have to say…ZOUK.

Now I could’ve sworn this club was a bit further away from but upon fact checking it turns out it is a lot closer than I thought. You could easily walk there from all the bars of Clarke Quay. Isn’t it funny what your brain remembers when alcohol is involved? Anyway, this place is beyond big and upon entering you feel like you’ve been teleported into some EDM dream. There are multiple floors, all with people dancing and having a good time. Because I was studying abroad during my trip to Singapore there were tons of other students there that I recognized. This of course made it more fun because there was a good mix of locals and travelers alike. The bars were long and surprisingly clean and although cocktails were expensive it was a Zouk that I decided to try the iconic Singapore Sling. It is a sweet Gin based drink with Cherry Brandy, Grenadine and other yummy things that make it a pretty pink/red color and very easy to “sling” down. 🙂

My friends and I danced until the wee hours of the morning at Zouk, apparently in Singapore it is common for people to party until very very late. I went home a little earlier than my best friend, Amanda and to this day I regret that I didn’t stay longer. Amanda still raves about how she “shut down the club” because she was there until they eventually kicked everyone out when they closed at 4am. Needless to say, if you are ever in Singapore, Zouk is the place to dance and have a good time.

Like most nights out on the town, I do not remember all the specifics of my night in Singapore. However, the few bars I mentioned, the area of town and most importantly, ZOUK will forever go down in history when I think of Singapore. Get yourself to this beautiful Asian City, head to Clarke Quay, drink a Singapore Sling and HAVE FUN!


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