Historic and Charming Nuremberg


When deciding the best places to go in Germany, I had not considered Nuremberg until my mother took a quick visit there and said it was a must see. This quaint town has a lot to offer, not only because of its significance in Germany’s history, but also because it contains cute streets, lovely views, cozy cafes and a castle worth a visit.

Getting There

One thing that was interesting about actually getting to Nuremburg is that we couldn’t find any trains that were both affordable and practical for when we wanted to travel. This town is not THAT big so finding a way to get there is more difficult than other bigger cities. We ended up taking a BUS to Nuremberg which ended up being quite comfortable.

  • Our bus tickets were about $40 USD a person which we found to be decently expensive for a bus.
  • We left from Prague and it was a pain in the ass to find where the bus left from the main station. After asking about five different people we made it to the bus stop and everything ended up OK.
  • Just make sure you are given proper directions because it was NOT easy to find.


I stayed at a hostel right inside the walls of the Old Town. It was called Five Reasons Hostel and I found it to be very nice!

  • My friends and I stayed in an 8-bed female dorm which was only about $20 USD a night.
  • The hostel was clean; the bathrooms were very nice and you could buy cheap snacks downstairs which was perfect for my late-night Snickers cravings.
  • This hostel was within walking distance to the train station and to all the major attractions of Old Town Nuremberg.


Nuremberg’s History in WWII

Although I had learned about the Nazi Rally Grounds in high school history, I did not remember that the grounds were in Nuremberg. Nuremberg was a popular destination in Nazi Germany and there are many sites that display the tragic history this city faced during World War II. I recommend visiting the Nazi Rally Grounds and going to the Documentation Center located on the grounds. So much happened during the time of Hitler’s dominance over Germany and nearly all the information prudent to that time can be found in that museum. It includes a self-guided tour where you are given a headset to listen in at different checkpoints. It will take time, my friends and I were inside for about 3 hours or so. However, the information is crucial to understanding Germany’s history and I really recommend taking time to visit this museum.

  • Nuremberg was also the location of the Trials that commenced once WWII was coming to an end. Information on the trials and how significant they are to world history can also be found in the Documentation Center.

I had a hard time visiting the Nazi Rally Grounds and if I am honest, I did not go into the area where Hitler made his speeches because I found it too hard. Today the space is used for events such as concerts and other entertainment uses. I believe that to be a beautiful thing, that the Germans took this place that was full of such negative connotations and transformed it into something fun and positive. Despite that, I still found it hard to walk through so I opted out of exploring that area. My two travel companions went on without me and said it was very interesting to experience.

  • I did not take any photos of the Documentation Center or of the area of the Nazi Rally Grounds because it felt strange for me to capture such a traumatic part of history.
  • My advice is to feel it out and go into both the Rally Grounds and the Documentation Center with an open mind, but do not feel bad if it makes you uncomfortable. It was war, it wasn’t pretty.


The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg is very pretty and situated on a hill in the middle of Old Town.

  • From the top of the hill you get great views of all of Nuremberg and its pretty Tudor style architecture.


  • There is a fee to get into this castle, 7 euros for a combination ticket that will allow you access to everything.
  • We could have spent about twice as much time inside the castle, it is packed full of information dating all the way back to the 13th century. However, in old literature this land was first mentioned as holding Royal ties as early as 1050!
  • This Castle represents the power Nuremberg had while being a place of great importance during the Holy Roman Empire.

There is a pedestrian street in Nuremberg called Weibgerbergasse that is full of colorful and beautiful buildings. This small street is a perfect location for picturesque “German” photos and is nice to just walk around and admire.


St. Sebaldus Church is a beautiful cathedral that is open to the public and free to enter. Inside there is a gorgeous new organ and lots of high ceilings and small doors. Isn’t it funny how those two always seem to go together in a church? This church is located in the middle of Old Town and is very easy to reach.


There is a famous square in Nuremberg called Hauptmarkt that is used for a beautiful Christmas Market in the winter. It was not Christmas time when we visited but seeing this square is a must because of the beautiful church and famous fountain (Schoner Brunnen) it contains.


Wander! The streets of this historic and charming city and gorgeous. There is a river that flows through the edge of Old Town that is gorgeous to walk along as well as parks and a crazy amount of beautiful German buildings. Nuremberg really is a picturesque place that should absolutely not be missed on your next trip to Germany.



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